Tree & Shrub Insect Programs

Insect control treatments provide a healthier, more attractive landscape and protect the landscape investment by preventing or curtailing damage caused by sucking, chewing or boring insects.

Hundreds of insect species damage leaves, stems, and branches; roots; and the flowers and fruit of landscape plants. But not all insects on trees and shrubs are damaging. Some are beneficial and may help pollinate flowers, while others could be predators or parasites on insects that damage plants.

Top ten insect and arthropod pests that threaten or damage landscape plants in the northeastern United States:

  1. Hemlock wooly adelgid
  2. Gypsy moth
  3. Winter moth
  4. Japanese beetles
  5. Asian long-horned beetle
  6. Ambrosia beetles
  7. Flat-headed borers including bronze birch borer, emerald ash borer and two-lined chestnut borer
  8. Weevils
  9. Spider mites
  10. Scale insects

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